Badges and Certificates

Coming Soon: Stay tuned: I will be created badges that you can award students for achieving specific learning goals or other tasks. If you have any specific ones you want me to create, please use the Contact form to send me a message.

Creating Certificates using G Suite apps

  1. Create a template in Google Slides.

  2. You can use File > Page Setup and set the size to a regular page size.

  3. Add logos, text and a digital signature at the bottom. (You can search for Certificates on the web for inspiration).

  4. You can send a blank certificate as needed and let people fill in their own names, or you can use the add-on Autocrat. See below for information and video.

Advanced: Populating your Certificate

  1. You will need to have names and information in a Google Sheets. You can collect information through a Google Form and then view it in Sheets.

  2. Text can read something like: This is to certify that <<NAME>> has completed the xxx Course.

  3. <<Name>> is a merge field.

  4. You can also use a <<DATE>> field at the bottom.

  5. Use Autocrat to populate the names and send the certificates. (See the video)

Create Badges

Badges can be offered as a reward for completing a task or as a reward. They work well with gamification.


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