Are you the type of person who likes to share tips for using tech but then can't remember them? I'm going to try and add tips as I think of them. Feel free to share out with colleagues or your students.

Eventually I'm going to turn this into a calendar or slides format that can be shared in my computer class. Please share your favourites through my Contact page.

Quickly start new Google Docs: I use this ALL the time! In your url (address) bar type --> opens a new Google Doc! No more having to go through Google Drive or the grid. Also works with,, and (

Navigation: move to the top of your document by clicking CTRL and HOME key. Use CTRL and End to go to the end of the document.

Screen Captures: I find the screen capture tool built into your keyboard (Print Screen) is awkward - it's difficult to resize. I use Snipping Tool to select, capture, mark-up, and download areas of a screen. In your computer's search box, type in Snipping Tool. It's an app that should be built-in to your system. There's a warning that it's migrating to a new app, however that's been there for at least a year and it still works. Another option that people recommend is Nimbus, which is free and can save right to Google Drive. Other options are the extension Snapshot and Fireshot.

On a Chromebook: Ctrl - Shift - Switch window key (top row, middle - looks like a monitor with 2 lines). This allows you to highlight a portion of the screen and snip it, then save.

Emojis - Use the Windows key and a period to bring up emojis, kaomojis, and symbols. If you're on a Mac, use the Ctrl + Command + Spacebar.

YouTube without ads or comments: Type the word _popup in between the word watch and the ? in the YouTube link. Don't forget the underscore before the word _popup. It opens the video in full screen without any of the extras! Of course you can use or as well.