About Me

My name is Shayne Hyman Train and I've been fascinated by with technology integration in education since studying computer programming another lifetime ago. I followed early pioneers like Alan November (I still use his lessons in my computer class!) and others. I have my B.Ed. in art and English, qualifications in Special Education, a diploma in computer programming and am a Certified Culinary Expert from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.

The impetus for this website was to learn how to use Google Sites, but even more importantly, I was able to work with teachers from my school to help bring us online when the coronavirus caused everyone to go into lock-down. I was so impressed with how they rose to the challenge and were willing to learn even more. So I decided to start compiling resources that would help them. And that's this site.


Why ComputerMorah?

It means computer teacher in Hebrew. :-)