Bitmoji Classrooms

Oh boy, has this been a hot topic among teachers. First up was Google Classroom Bitmoji banners, except that Google adds a grey overlay that tones down the images (for readability) so teachers moved on. Next was banners or whole scenes for Google Sites and other media. They ranged from recreating classrooms to fireside scenes to intricate displays with hyperlinked books, posters, and lessons.

Then came animated Bitmoji scenes. Here's mine :-D. For this one I used a combination of backgrounds I found on the web, some shared furniture on a template, and my Bitmoji. I then uploaded slides and animated it using the gif maker,

A new craze that's making the rounds is apparently Virtual Lockers (or cubbies). You can pick up a template and instructions from We are Teachers at This might be fun to assign to students.


Mrstalktechie on YouTube (linked below) has shared a template and a presentation that can be used for PD.

Wakelet of different Bitmoji Resources:

Article by Hello Teacher Lady:

Bitmoji Classroom Template:

@MrsParkShine replaced her Bitmoji with an image of her real self by taking a video of herself, then using to remove background. She then added the video to her Google Slides.

A little different than Bitmoji, but here's a tutorial (video) on adding animated GIFS to your slides: (Skip to 3:30 for the how-to do this).

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