I'm still trying to get a grasp on what this is, but it's based on the website. Below is the Smart Start program. Click on the image to expand and go to the actual interactive document.

As I have a chance to learn more, I'll add more detail.

The chart about refers to a few different types of activities or techniques.

  • The Fayer Model - graphic organizer for building vocabulary. Students will write the term in the middle, then around 4 sides provide a definition, examples, characteristics and non-examples. There is an example, here:

  • BookaKucha - Book report exploring a theme or conflict

  • Cyber Sandwich Directions - Read, compare and contrast findings in pairs, summarize.

  • Sketch and Tell - Sketch, talk about, write about sketch.

  • Math Reps - review math skills.

  • Thin Slides - Students create slide of a prompt with one picture and one word and makes a claim.

  • Random Emoji - Write about emojis. Write compound or complex sentences. (Uses Socrative )

  • Iron Chef - Groups find a source, facts, images and create a slide with secret ingredient.

  • Fast and Curious - Play quiz, review, play again immediately. Something fun like get to know teachers, superhero in first week. Then use for any kind of review.

  • Worst Presso Ever - Watch a video and make notes on the rule that is broken on slides. Students choose hobby. Create their worst preo breaking rules. Students present slides that aren't theirs.

  • Things that Rock - Students move to a marker to show how they feel about a topic & then take turns sharing out loud. Can extend in the personal of historical or literary characters.