Chrome Extensions

This page will introduce some Chrome Extensions that I use and think are worth sharing, along with some others that are hot off the press and you may not know about.

Extensions are small programs that give you more browser features. You can use them with other browsers (Firefox); however, because the emphasis of this site is the Google ecosystem, Chrome is recommended.

Google has created some extensions and 3rd-party developers also offer them. You can find them in the Chrome Web Store at .

They can be installed either on your own machine or if you are a G Suite administrator, they can be installed via the Admin Console. They'll show up as icons on your browser bar, beside the address bar. If you can't see them all, click on the three vertical dots > More tools > extensions, or use an extension like Extensify to manage them. Look for a blob (only way I can describe it!) near the right side that is also an extension manager.

Eric Curts has an excellent chart on his website that explains the difference between extensions, web apps, and add-ons at

John Sowash breaks down various kinds of extensions for you in this infographic. (Click on it to go to the original post).

Favourite Extensions

Print Friendly & PDF - turn any website into a streamlined .pdf without adds using this extension. When on a website, click on the icon, then remove any extra images, ads or sections that you don't want, and save as a .pdf.

For Bookmarking and Making Collections

  • Keep

  • Wakelet

  • Pinterest

Annotation & PDF

  • Kami

  • Web Paint

  • Diigo (also bookmark)

  • Small PDF

Video & Audio

  • Screencastify

  • Screencast-o-Matic

  • Loom

  • Edpuzzle

  • Mote - for audio & transcribed feedback


  • Emoji Keyboard

  • Math Equations Anywhere

  • Equation

  • Read & Write

  • Sir Links a Lot - finds certain typles of links in Google docs and you can copy, edit, view.

  • Tab Resize

  • Bitly Link shortener

  • Magic Rainbow Unicorns - for slides and docs multi-colored text

  • One Tab - for organizing

  • Insert Learning

  • Dictionary by Google

  • Pear Deck

  • Unsplash

  • Session Buddy

  • Colorzilla or Eye Dropper

  • Tab Cloud

  • Dualless - cplit your screen

  • Grammarly for Chrome


  • Visor - students can read one line at a time

  • AlphaText - variety of options to customize display

  • Noisli - multiple sounds including ambient noise


Link to Text Fragment is a new Extension that lets you generate links to specific text on a web page. It's useful for pointing students to a particular section in a long page.


Alice's (Keeler) List of Chrome Extensions: