Chromebooks look like mini-laptops but they have minimal storage. Users keep their docs in the cloud by storing files on Google Drive. Here are some links to training.

Logging into CB

Getting to know your CB

Trackpad Basics

Chromebook Desktop

Create Videos on CB

How to take a Screenshot on your Chromeboook

Press and hold the Ctrl key. While holding it, also press the Switch Window key, at the top, that looks like a square with 2 lines beside it. The Screenshot will save to the Downloads folder on your Chromebook and be named Screenshot Date at Time. To move it to Google Drive, click and drag it to My Drive. You can also right-click on the file and Rename.

If you only want to take part of your screen, press and hold the Ctrl key together with the Shift key and Switch Window key. Then release all keys. The screen will get darker. Use your mouse pointer to draw a box around the part you want to save by starting at one corner of the image, then press down on the touchpad and move until the whole image is highlighted.

How to Create Videos on a Chromebook without Extensions or Apps

Post from Richard Byrne of Practical Ed Tech - or watch link, above, on Create Videos on CB.