Google Takeout

Leaving a school as either a teacher or student? You can use Google Takeout to transfer your email messages and Google Drive files over to a personal Google account.

Text version of instructions:


  1. You'll need a Google account where you'll save your information. (If you don't have one, it's free to create).

  2. Log in to your account and then your personal one.

  3. From your school account go to:

  4. Under 1. Enter a destination account: enter your personal gmail address Click the Send Code button.

  5. Check your personal gmail for a message: Verify your account.

  6. Click on Get Confirmation Code. Copy the code that pops up in a new tab.

  7. Go back to the Google Takeout Transfer screen in your account.

  8. Go down to 2. Verify your destination account and enter the code you just copied. Click Verify.

  9. Both your Drive files and your Gmail from your account are selected to copy (or you can deselect either one).

  10. Click Start Transfer.

Note that it can take up to a week to copy everything over.

When it's done, check the Inbox of your personal gmail account for your emails.

Your personal Google Drive should now have a school folder with our school name, containing copies of all files.


Note that this won't transfer Calendar events, photos, or Google Keep files saved in your account.

To download other files go to > this can be used to copy other content to your home computer. Select what you want to download and click Create export.

You'll get a message that you can download your files.

For G Suite Administrators

(At the end of the video it talks about Admin settings. If this doesn't work for you, please forward the video to your admin and ask them to check. (Note --> for TBY everything is already set).