Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a hub for tracking all you activities. It also lets you schedule Google Meet sessions, appointments, and more.

As of July 2020, Google is updating scheduling options, such as changing guest access, adding attachments and streamlined scheduling. You can see the update, here:

Creating a School or Class Calendar

To create a calendar that's separate from your personal one, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your personal Google Calendar.

  2. In the right menu bar, go to Other Calendars and click on the + (plus) sign.

  3. Create new calendar.

  4. Give your calendar a name, description and, if necessary, adjust the time zone. (1)

  5. Select Create calendar.

  6. You will see a message pop up that indicates the calendar has been created.

Edit your Calendar

  1. Return to your main calendar view by selecting the arrow at the top left.

  2. In the left menu, locate your new calendar. (2)

  3. Hover with your mouse over the calendar and select the 3 dot menu that appears beside the calendar. (3)

  4. Select Settings and Sharing

  5. Scroll down to Access permission for events. (4)

  6. If you want to make the calendar public, select Make available to public.

  7. You can choose to show only free/busy or all details.

  8. Click on Get shareable link. That's the link to post on a web page, in an email, or other method to share the calendar. Note that people accessing your calendar won't be able to add or make changes to it.

Keep Calendar Private

If you want your calendar to be private, add users individually and set sharing permissions.

  1. Scroll down to Share with specific people.

  2. Select + Add people.

  3. Type in an email address for those you want to add. You can set permissions levels, as desired. Options are:

      • See only free/busy (hid details)

      • See all event details

      • Make changes to events (Editor)

      • Make changes and manage sharing (Admin)

  4. There is no Save button. Once changes are made, return to your main calendar by selecting the arrow at the top left, beside Settings.

  5. Any items on your new calendar will appear in the same colour as your calendar icon. (You can change that when creating events or in the overall calendar setting using the 3 button menu beside the calendar name).





Meeting Notes

There's a terrific video at (also shown below under Calendar Tricks) shows you includes:

  • notes related to a Calendar event in Google Keep (only visible to you)

  • attached as a Google Doc to the event (visible to all those invited)

  • how to set notifications (only for event organizer)

  • change the event owner

  • set work hours under settings (only for an organization account)

  • add events from Gmail - select the more options ellipses and select Create Event

  • view multiple time zones (under Settings - display secondary time zone; World Clock)

GC Basics

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Calendar Tricks