Google Contacts

Google Contacts is where you create, organize, and manage your mailing lists. It is very useful for keeping track of colleagues and students. You can also use it to form groups (such as a class) of emails so you only have to type in a group name in Gmail to add everyone.

Access Google Contacts through https:/ or my going to your email and pulling down the arrow under Mail on the left side menu and choose Contacts.

Add individuals to your Contacts by selecting the + icon and then fill in the details. Save the contact.

Creating a new Contact Group

  1. Select Label from the left-hand menu.

  2. Type the label name (what you will be typing in the "to" field in an email.

  3. OK.

Add labels to your contacts

  1. Hover over a contact name with your mouse.

  2. Available labels will pop up.

  3. Select the label(s) that you want. A contact can have multiple lables, such as Whole School and Grade9.

Emailing a Group

Type your label into the To, CC, or BCC fields of an email. Your entire list with that label will be added.