Google Drawings


One of the best classes you can take is Tony Vincent's Classy Graphics course. It's open a few times a year so you'll have to check his site (or Twitter) for the next cohort. Also check out his website for advice on Getting Creative with Google Drawings.

Steve Wick, @WickedEdTech is an excellent person to follow for Google Drawing advice and templates. He also runs the RechargeLearning blog.

The Power of Google Drawings to Engage Students -

10 Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom -

Earn a Black Belt in Google Drawings: (A drawing challenge):

Eric Curts shares 30 Free Google Drawing Graphic Organizers using Google Drawing on his Control Alt Achieve blog.

Matt Miller also shares 25 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers as well as advice on making your own.

An alternative to using Google Drawings is the use This amazing app can (usually) recognize what you are trying to draw and create a better image for you. Check out Paula's post on how to do this at Eric Curts also has some info on it at

Google Drawings Meme Generator and more templates:

Google Drawing Tutorial

Google Drawings Demo

Custom Google Classroom Banner using Google Drawings