Google Maps, Earth and Expeditions

Many of us have used Google Maps to plan trips, and it's an excellent resources, although somewhat out of date. Google has cars with cameras that travel around and take photos. It's time-consuming so street views can be out-of-date until the next time cars travel through the area.

There are so many more activities you can do with maps and I'll add them here.

Another related activity is Google Expeditions, where you and your students can created virtual tours together. Stay tuned for more information.

Related Sites

There are other tools that can help your classroom connect on a global basis.

Check out the virtual tours and web cams at

Nearpod has a whole selection of virtual tours that you can add to your lesson. uses a map to display newspapers from around the world. Reading local news can help gain insight into a location. Another interesting site to explore is where you can see trending topics by location (as organized by a map).