Google Meet

Google Meet allows you to give live classes and present materials to students who are watching in real-time (synchronous). You can record your Meet and your chat to post for students who aren't able to attend or for those who want to rewatch your class to reinforce concepts. Teachers can also pre-record their instruction and share it asynchronously.

Google Meet Cheat Sheet from Google:

NEW as of May, 2021

New Google Meet Layout coming as of May 2021. Please see Eric Curts (Ctrl Alt Achieve) for information and a video on the new features! Video at

  • All the controls have been moved to the bottom.

  • When you present your screen, the box no longer takes up half the screen and doesn't show a preview of what you're presenting. Now you'll get a presentation tile which shows a live preview of what you're getting.

  • You can unpin the presentation tile so it's shrinks down to size of attendees tile so you can see students better (up to 44 students).

  • Stop Presenting link is in top right corner.

  • If you click on the Attendees grid, you can now unpin yourself as a floating picture. You can drag that picture all around the screen, enlarge or shrink it, or return yourself to a tile. You can also minimize the video - hide it from yourself so you have room to see others.

Richard Byrne's blog, Free Tech 4 Teachers has information and a video about features here: . As well, he has a separate post about using the new built-in Grid View:

Kids Getting into Meet First and Taking Control: There was some discussion on one of my FB pages about this happening. One teacher recommended not allowing the Google Meet link to be visible on Classroom until 5 minutes prior to the Meet, so you can get in first. To do this, use your Google Classroom setting (the cog) to make the link invisible. When you're ready, toggle it back on. Another option is to use a nickname instead of a link when creating the Meet - kids can't get in because you've created it. Each time you type in your nickname (you can reuse it) a new link is created. Once you exit, the link is gone.

  • Apparently there is a Google Grid Fix extension in the Chrome Web Store (Listed as Google Meet Grid View (fix)

Google Meet Annotation - Denis Sheeran has released a new extension that allows you to annotate your screen (and save screenshots!) while in Google Meet. Learn more at . Also please refer to Google Slides for other suggestions (in the FAQs section) on annotating your screen.

Presenting while on an iPad

  1. Set up for presenting: Go to Settings > Control Centre and add the Screen Recording option from the list.

  2. Go to the control centre button (drag down on top right of screen- its the circle with the filled in dot ). Choose Meet > Start Broadcast. (Note that it's called Broadcast Screen vs Present/Share on an iPad).

  3. To see the meeting and share screen at the same time use a phone as a second screen.

Ideas for Using Meet

  1. Present class material

  2. Hold discussions and debates

  3. Students can collaborate and create presentations to share or form study groups

  4. Invite guests to present to your class

  5. Provide one-on-one learner support

  6. Record lectures for later viewing

Breakout Rooms in Meet

If you have the Enterprise version, breakout rooms are now available. You can drag-and-drop to rearrange the rooms and pop in to check out students.

If you don't have the Enterprise (upgraded) version:

  1. Pre-create the groups. (There are apps for this). Give each group a nickname.

  2. Create Meets for each group and corresponding nicknames so students can join.

  3. Install: Mute Tab extension so you can mute tabs.

  4. Post groups on Google Classroom or share in the chat.

  5. Set a time limit, e.g. 20 minutes for the breakout.

  6. Specify rules, e.g. use chat to record ideas.

  7. Assign roles: leader, recorder, timekeeper, researcher, presenter, or as desired. (optional)

  8. Create a clear task and success criteria for the breakout.

  9. Teacher goes between the different tabs to observe and give feedback on the groups.

  10. Message students when it's time to return. Make sure they close down the individual rooms.

Google Meet: How to Give Remote Control in Google Meet with One Click

An extension at remotedesktop/

How to do this:

Fun Activities for Google Meet

Great post at for fun and educational activities.

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