Screencastify is an excellent program for capturing whatever you are doing on your computer screen and talking about it. It saves to your Google Drive in it's own folder (unlike some other screen capture programs). You can show the screen by itself, or show yourself embedded in the video.

  1. To start using Screencastify, go to their website, sign up and install their extension.

  2. When you want to record a video, click on the arrow up in your Extensions to open.

  3. Customize your settings

    1. What to record: Choose whether you want to record contents of a browser tab, your desktop or use the webcam to record yourself.

    2. Microphone: Pick which microphone you want to use (you may have your computer's internal one, a webcam or other one).

    3. Embed Webcam: Choose whether you want to see yourself within the video as a small image. You can move around your image so you don't block any important material you are demonstrating.

    4. Countdown: Gives you a countdown to prepare yourself.

    5. Show Drawing Tools:

      • Pencil: Use colours to annotate a screen or draw around features.

      • Highlighter: Puts a circle around where you click.

    6. Tab Audio: For Browser Tab: Good for playing video or audio on the tab while you are recording. May have some feedback loop, so test. For Desktop: will say system audio.

After Recording

Open Share Options > More Share Options - can post your video on Edpuzzle, Wakelet or Remind.

Screencastify Submit - Teacher posts a link in Google Classroom that lets students can make videos with Screencastify and send them to you without others seeing them. See for a video on how to do this. Go to to try it.

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