Wakelet is a free curation, collaboration, and multimedia resource bookmarking platform that plays well with lots of other technology. You can save articles, videos, images, links or your own work. Sign up at https://learn.wakelet.com/ for free.

There's a very helpful Educator's Guide you can download from the first page of the site, or use the Support page for lots of help resources.

I recommend downloading the Wakelet App for your mobile device (https://wakelet.com/apps ) or browser extensions for your computer (https://wakelet.com/extensions ). They will allow you to add content quickly.

Ways to use Wakelet in the classroom:

  • Curate digital resources to support lessons

  • Create digital student portfolios

  • Tell stories

  • Students can collaborate to build boards with media they create with other tools

  • Create newsletters to showcase student work

  • Students can participate in the Student Ambassador Program for ages 13+. They will build skills and work through digital citizenship goals. (https://community.wakelet.com/studentambassadors/ )

  • Teachers can join a Wakelet Community to get advanced access to new features, share ideas and more. https://community.wakelet.com/

Getting Started

Create an account with your email or through Google, Facebook or Microsoft Office 365.

Set up a profile that includes a Wakelet handle. You can edit the header, add a bio and add your prfile image.

Create a Collection. This is a group of different articles, links, media and more that have a common theme. Add a title, description, and a background image, if desired. You can create multiple collections and sort them by creation or update dates or alphabetically. Use the View drop-down to change the view of your collection.

Add Bookmarks. Content can be saved from online or created using a variety of programs like Google Docs, Canva, Adobe Spark, and lots of others. You can edit, delete and search your bookmarks.

Record a Flipgrid instruction video from Wakelet - click on the Flipgrid button and record a quick instructional video. You can even use the whiteboard feature while filming it. (See video below)

Share. You can share publicly or keep the collections private. You can also embed them on a website or other location. Options are Public, Unlisted, and Private. Icons at the bottom right of each collection will let you know the privacy of that collection. Public collects will be visible on your profile page. You can organize them into different categories, and drag and drop to recorder within a category label.

Group Collections are collections which you don't own but have been invited as a contributor.

Followers/Following - you can follow other educators who use Wakelet.

New Features announced June 1, 2020

Can invite people directly to edit. Can invite people as guests - there's a new link to send to people.

What can contributor can do? They can only edit or delete items that they've added. But for groups, that's not very useful. There will be a new setting that can toggle on or off to allow others to edit and delete anything that's in there. It will be under the setting cog, a new panel will open from the left and you can use the new setting.

You can assign different responsibilities in the collection. The default is collaborator but there's a new level of Administrator that gives greater responsibilities. The only thing they can't do is delete the collections.

You will be able to see all the edits being updated in real time.

Wakelet Spaces - can separate your Wakelets into different designations, e.g. personal, professional, teaching, etc. You can add people without Wakelet accounts to a space. There is no limit on Wakelet spaces. This will provide a whole new layer to your organization.

Reactions, commenting, moderation, and notifications are being added.

Mood Board

@iamaverycamp Avery Camp

Logos and colours to design flags

Collaboration - playlist of songs

Good as a Digital Portfolio - can link at top of resume - certificates, book recommendations.


Student Ambassador program


Goal - take what they've done in the classroom and apply it to the real world

Spaces - Teacher can have a Portfolio for each student

Annora Elias -@iamannoraelias Graphic collection - different platforms and graphics that she's collected. She uses Mood Board layout so you don't have to scroll, different shapes. She loves Twitter header layouts

Put in artifacts, no matter where they are coming form.

YouTube videos posted open right in the collection - you don't go out

It's not like Instagram - no likes (yet) but you can pull in FROM instagram. Avery did a 30-day challenge with calligraphy. She used Mood Board layout and it looks balanced. Tells a story.



A time capsule

Student Leadership Lesson - self-paced lesson - shared within Wakelet community - Learning Goals, immersive reader - instructions. Can share with Google Classroom. Flipgrid, .pdfs, personality types, which are 16 personalities. Share results with team. Who has a similar personality and works well with each other. Can pair team members.

Immersive Reader and read mode! Translation, no distractions, colored background options, highlight parts of speech for understanding, read aloud, etc.

Deb Zeman - Lesson plan - resources, ask for MLA citations. Lots of different resources in Mood Board. If restricted by district, you may need to approve it. Give topics, what they are suppose to respond to. Multi-Genre Activity Selection based on project walk. Student choice: anything they can dump into Walkelet. Graphic: Canva, Buncee or Adobe Spark.

DEB: https://wakelet.com/wake/ETdtlnpmD4BXayVM0a8Yj


Wyatt: Call to action (students should know). More way of being creating. They choose transportation, destination.

Ambassador program: https://community.wakelet.com/studentambassadors/

ALL THE COLLECTIONS: https://wke.lt/w/s/yXxHeq

Resource Wakelet Collection for today’s session: https://wke.lt/w/s/yXxHeq

Richard Byrne has a nice collection on using Wakelet for different purposes in the classroom at https://www.freetech4teachers.com/2020/11/five-uses-for-wakelet-in-your-classroom.html

SWAT accounts, Twitter account


Surf School https://wakelet.com/surfschool

Flipgrid integration

How to Get Started Using Wakelet